Project Description

Anderton Boat Lift, Anderton, Cheshire

Designed by Edwin Clark during Queen Victoria’s reign, to speed up the movement of cargo between the River Weaver and the Trent and Mersey Canal, and was built in 1875. The Anderton Boat Lift had unique and specific sealing needs which we successfully provided the solutions to.

In 1983 the Anderton Boat Lift was closed after serious corrosion was discovered during a routine safety inspection. A huge amount has changed over the following 20 years and a new spirit of optimism and enthusiasm is now sweeping across the UK’s 200 year old inland waterway network.

The unique sealing solution, provided by ourselves, not only needed to satisfy the requirements of operational efficiency and safety, but also had to inconspicuously maintain the originality of what is a national treasure.

Special design, development and manufacturing skills were employed in order to meet these specific needs. With our help, the Anderton Boat Lift has been restored to its original working condition, enabling boat owners and visitors alike to ride it once again.

Project Details


1998 – With ongoing maintenance



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